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13. 52 Cf. 983a9–10. 53 Cf. 1177b33–34. 54 Cf. 1179a23–34. 55 Proverbs 25, v. 27. 56 Cf. DM 1, 1, vol. 25, pp. 2–12. Suárez’s answer here (cf. esp. , n. 26, p. 11) will be that being insofar as it is real being is the adequate object of this science of metaphysics. In this, he will include God as part of the subject matter of metaphysics and he will follow the path of Avicenna and Duns Scotus in preference to that of Averroes (even though this last is mentioned in paragraph 26 as teaching this same doctrine).

5 Cf. 993b5. 6 Cf. In 12 lib. Metaphys. II, c. 1, lect. 1, Cathala no. 277. 7 Cf. Aristotelis Metaphysicorum libri xiii, cum Averrois Cordubensis in eosdem commentariis et Epitome…, II, t. 1 (Venetiis: Apud Junctas, 1562), v. VIII, f. 29raA. 8 Cf. In Arist. , II, c. 1, ed. Hayduck, p. 140, ll. 14–19. 9 Here Suárez is changing slightly the example of an archer () given by Alexander; p. 140, l. 15. 10 Cf. 993b6. 11 Cf. ” ibid. 6–7. 12 Cf. ” ibid. 993b2–4. 13 Aristotle: “ ”; 993b4.

Leonine edition of the Opera omnia, vol. XVI, pp. e. Antonio Andreas] (In XII libros Metaphysicorum Aristotelis Expositio)—in the Wadding edition of Scotus’s Opera omnia (Lugduni, 1639), tome IV—have only Books 1–12; (8) In the 15th century, John Argyropoulos (see in: Aristotelis castigatissime recognitum opus metaphysicum [Parisiis: Apud Henricum Stephanum, 1515]) has translated Books 1–12; (9) The 1562 edition of Aristotle with Averroes’ commentary (Averrois Commentaria et Introductiones in omnes libros Aristotelis cum eorum versione latina.

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