By Bakker, Karel Anthonie

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The volute widths differ from Vallois (1966a) and Martin (1973). - The plan ordering device seems to be a rectangle accross [2,5 : 3]. lon-25a Reconstruction ofa damaged Naxian marble Ionic capital ofthe Naxian Stoa (Bld-22), Delos. Delos Museum, item A7672. Site found: South of the Agora of the Competaliasts, Delos. Origin: Naxos. 314) date is 550-40 BC. 34) indicates that all the capitals originated in the Third quarter of the Sixth CentBC. [Also photographs of the whole group]. 20) reconstruction.

21O». 363-72, Fig,49 [det dwgs], 50 [photos], 54 [axonometric]. 2). 3-4». Due to the long history of speculation around this capital, Gruben's hypothetical dimensions are still provided, even though capital lon-48 obviously now provides the dimensions for an outer capital. 360) identifies the Porinos Naos as an in-antis temple. 21O). 168) for references ofdifferent datings [mostly Late Archaic] as well as different functional assignations leg Courby (Delos XII) assigned it to the Propylon] and (1997, Note 265) for the capital's history.

The author has further taken the cyma and canalis heights, as well as the volute eye­ to-edge dimensions from this scaled drawing, which may be used for comparative purposes. Notes: White gives a good quantitative and qualitative comparison between this capital and the others of the time, as well as indicating the similarities between this and the Naxian sphinx column. 55). The Kouros and Korai that were found with the capital are of the same marble, and show strong Samian traits, but also local particularities in detailing.

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