By Jack Kornfield

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Liked Western Buddhist grasp Kornfield makes identified his own, sensible knowledge, garnered from 25 years of working towards and educating the trail of awakening, as he courses self-searchers to a simplicity of belief that brings alive non secular perform, peace, and fact of their day-by-day lives.

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Bodhidharma, its first patriarch, apparently stated that Zen Buddhism represents "a exact transmission outdoor the teaching/Without reliance on phrases and letters. " This asserting, besides the customarily confusing use of language (and silence) via Zen masters, gave upward thrust to the idea that Zen is a "lived religion" established strictly on perform.

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The terms "event" (dharma) and "event-associate"(<$zßmw>2) refer to the justification and demonstrandum, too, or rather to the events which they discuss. The "event" is always the observed or known "event", the "event-associate" is that which can be related to the "event" through invariable concomitance. ^JWTiere the terms "event" and "eventassociate" are contrasted in this treatise, the "event" always refers to the event expressed in the justification; the "eventassociate" always to the inferred object expressed in the demonstrandum.

It has been said that Yasomitra, the famous commentator of Vasubandhu's Kosa, himself believes in two Vasubandhus, as there are references to a "Vrddhäcärya Vasubandhu" whose views are combated by the author of the Kosa. An investigation of the text does not bear this out. "Vrddhäcärya Vasubandhu", or "Sthavira Vasubandhu", is named only three times in Yasomitra, at Vyäkhyä ad I 13-14 c; ad III 27; and ad IV, Vasubandhu, His Life and Times 25 2b-3b. The first of these passages says that it is the Vrddhäcärya Vasubandhu's opinion regarding unmanifest action, that it be called "material" because it depends on the material elements of the body.

Discussion of reversal through doubt, where the meansof-evidence is itself doubtful)* 17. ** For example, the maker of such a spurious reply may say to this same argument that sounds of speech are non-eternal because they arise due to an effort : "Since the justification does not exist prior to its apprehension and utterance, it follows that the demonstrandum also does not exist. Thus, since sounds of speech are said to be non-eternal because they have arisen due to an *cf. Nyäya-sütra V, 1, 14.

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